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CityMundo offers a wide selection of private Amsterdam bed and breakfast addresses, all in and around the city centre.

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Amsterdam bed and breakfastOur bed and breakfast accommodations are all in private homes. In some you share the bathroom with the owner, while others have their own bathroom and even a separate entrance. Sheets and linen are provided in all B&B’s. We have personally visited each accommodation, they are clean and the owners are all nice people. To help you make your choice from our catalogue, all bed and breakfasts are accompanied by a description, can be examined on photographs and are marked on a town plan of Amsterdam. For each bed and breakfast prices are indicated. We make reservations from 3 to 21 nights. Staying at an Amsterdam Bed and Breakfast not only gives you the guarantee of a good and welcoming service, but is also an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of city life. It will give your stay a personal touch. If you are looking for an Amsterdam Studio, houseboat or apartment, we can help you too. On arrival at the address, you will receive a key and there is no curfew for the rooms we offer. Accommodation is located in all areas of the city. Distance to Dam square is never more than 4 kilometres. The city is not very big and while you can cover most of it on foot, we advise you to enjoy the pleasure of cycling through the city. You can also use public transportation. More information about the location of our rooms is shown in our city guide, where every neighborhood has its own pagethat also includes the rooms in that specific part of the city. Feel at home at our Amsterdam B&B’s!
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