Amsterdam Accommodations

We offer a wide variety of overnight Amsterdam accommodations. From modest rooms at home with people to luxury houseboats and apartments. All our accommodations in Amsterdam come with bed linen, towels and dish cloths/towels. Accommodation (except the rooms) is provided with own bathroom and kitchen. For details please refer to the specification of the accommodation involved.We have been offering private Amsterdam accommodations to all kinds of visitors: tourists, visitors to trade fairs, artists. These are always short stays of up to 21 nights. Our list is long and new addresses continue to be added. We inspect and select every unit before adding it to our list. In doing so we maintain clear, explicit criteria and rules, not only where hygiene is concerned, the ambiance of the rental accommodations and its location in the city, but also of the appropriate legislation and permits for the accommodation units. This means that both providers of accommodations and visitors to Amsterdam are always assured of the best service at all times.Our properties are centrally located, meaning in the old center of Amsterdam or within a radius of 3 kilometer from the city center.
  • Amsterdam Apartments

    Our Amsterdam apartments are affordable, clean and fully furnished. We visited the accommodations and know them all.

  • Amsterdam Bed and Breakfast

    CityMundo offers a wide selection of private Amsterdam rooms, all in and around the city centre.

  • Amsterdam Houseboats

    Amsterdam Houseboat rental for short-term stays, centrally located Amsterdam houseboats. Wouldn’t it be nice to stay on a boat during your vacation?

  • Amsterdam Studios

    Ideal accommodation for your vacation is one of our Amsterdam Studios.