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Amsterdam Apartments

Our Amsterdam apartments are affordable, clean and fully furnished. We visited the apartments and know them all. Booking Amsterdam apartments is easy: fill in the dates, choose a place, pay with your credit card. When you reserve there’s no need to wait until you hear from the owner of the apartment that you have reserved. Every apartment listed in your search result is definitely available, meaning that you can be certain of your reservation.

The apartments to rent in Amsterdam are privately owned, which means that they are all different. We have cheap apartments in Amsterdam, but also luxury apartments.

The benefit of staying in Amsterdam apartments instead of a hotel: You have your own living room, bedroom and fully equipped kitchen. Like you are really living in the city, rather than simply as a tourist. We have 5 price categories, so there is choice for everyone. We take reservations from 3 to 21 nights.

amsterdam apartmentsAt the top of this page you can see all Amsterdam apartments we offer at this moment, when you click the thumbnails of the apartments in Amsterdam, you will see more detailed information.

We also have Amsterdam houseboats, studios and B&B for your stay in Amsterdam

While a lot of the Amsterdam apartments we offer are in and around the old centre, for instance along the canals, near the museums, close to the flower market or the Anne Frank house, we also have places in less well-known neighborhoods, which are worth exploring, like “de Pijp” or “Oud West”. The city is not very big, all main points of interest are easily reached by public transport, bike, or even on foot. Visit our city map, where you will see all neighborhoods at a single glance. Each neighborhood has its own information page, where an overview of our apartments in Amsterdam can be seen for this particular area.

The Amsterdam apartment rentals listed meet without exception all legal requirements and municipal regulations. This is important in keeping the city livable and ensures your security and safety as guest.

Offer your Amsterdam apartment through CityMundo

If you have an apartment in Amsterdam and you want to rent out to tourists, list your apartment with CityMundo.
CityMundo is a small private rental agency with twenty years’ experience in making reservations for Amsterdam apartments.
Our reservations system is automated, but the approach we adopt is personal.

Except that we have a lot of experience, we are also very well found on the web.
We have currently more demand than supply for Amsterdam apartments.
If you want a lot of reservations, please register with us.