Amsterdam info

  • Transportation

    How to travel from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam and more.

  • Weather in Amsterdam

    Houseboats and apartments available in all seasons

  • Weekend Amsterdam

    10 Tips for a weekend Amsterdam!

  • Music in Amsterdam

    When it comes to music, Amsterdam has got much to offer you.

  • Museums in amsterdam

    There are several art museums in Amsterdam, located throughout the city. This page lists a number of the most important ones.

  • Theater in Amsterdam

    There are in Amsterdam a large number of theatre venues.

  • Shopping in Amsterdam

    Shopping in Amsterdam, best shopping areas.

  • Red light district

    The neighbourhood is called the Red Light District because of the red lamps that illuminate the windows of the prostitutes.

  • High

    Selling drugs, both hard and soft, has always been prohibited, but the sale of small quantities of soft drugs, user quantities, was permitted or indulged.

  • RAI

    RAI apartments Amsterdam. Conferences and exhibitions in the RAI Conference center. With us you will find your short stay apartment.