De Baarsjes

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The name of the neighborhood ‘De Baarsjes’ to the west of Kostverlorenvaart is derived from the earlier hamlet De Baarsjes. The inn, ‘De 3 Baarsjes’ is featured on a map from as early as 1650. On the photograph below, taken in 1941, the inn can be seen with at the left Slatuinenweg, now all that is left of the hamlet. The bridge in the background is the Wieg Bridge that connects De Clercqstraat to Admiraal de Ruijterweg. Characteristic of this area are the market gardens in the Baarsjespolder, which used to be part of the Sloterpolder.

The construction of this residential neighborhood to the west of Kostverlorenvaart started after the tramline Amsterdam – Haarlem – Zandvoort started to operate in 1904. As is the case with many neighborhoods that were built in the beginning of the last century, De Baarsjes too has a number of splendid examples of ‘Amsterdam School’ architecture. The largest is Mercatorplein that was constructed in 1925 to a design of H.P. Berlage. Particularly striking are the two gatehouses with towers on the north and south side of the square. On the west side a kind of portal like access to the Jan Evertsenstraat has been constructed. The north tower was, due to its poor state of maintenance, demolished in 1961. The square was reopened in 1998 after thorough renovation.

Another large complex in the style of the Amsterdam School in this neighborhood is ‘Het sieraad’, the Jewel, center for knowledge, art and projects, on Postjesweg.The plot on which architect A.J. Westerman built the school has the shape of a pentagon and is flanked on two sides by Kostverlorenvaart. ‘Het Sieraad’ was built between 1921 and 1924 as accommodation for the fourth Craft School Ir. Maas Geesteramus. In 1980 the Craft School vacated the premises and was replaced by the Trade School for Precious Metalwork and Timepieces. In 2004 a full renovation was started. The building has been restored completely to its original condition and in consultation with the Trust for Historic Buildings the former courtyard has been roofed to create a well-lit Atrium. Areas are now available for providing courses, accommodating creative businesses and housing restaurants and bars. The Atrium is suitable for temporary functions like exhibitions and private showings.

A lot of attention has been devoted in the neighborhood to Art and Culture. For example many cultural businesses have their studios in the Witte de Withstraat. There are studios, galleries and artists’ initiatives, including gallery & museum Illuseum, and the art center. Every year in June the June Art Month is held in De Baarsjes.

Public transport: Tramlines 7, 12, 13, 14 and 17 service De Baarsjes

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