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Staatsliedenbuurt is located in the northwest of the city, west of Jordaan and north of Kostverlorenvaart. In the north demarcated by Westerpark with what used to be the Wester gasworks, a complex of buildings where diverse cultural events are organized from exhibitions to performances and culture fairs. The neighborhood is demarcated in the west by the Central Market Halls of the city, where for more than seventy years the Amsterdam wholesale market in vegetables and fruit, fish, game and groceries has stood. Until the second half of the nineteenth century the area Staatsliedenbuurt was a kind of industrial estate just outside Amsterdam and there were in this small neighborhood some twenty windmills. A nice memento of these times is the recently (1996) restored sawmill ‘De Otter’ opposite the Central Market Halls on the border with the neighborhood Old-West.

Staatsliedenbuurt is a typical nineteenth century neighborhood made up of a street network with squares. In the 1960s increasing prosperity and the departure of native residents resulted in the neighborhood becoming run down. In the 1980s many of the empty and derelict houses fell prey to squatters and the neighborhood experienced troubled times. The 1990s saw a recovery and the neighborhood regained popularity. One of the major recovery projects of the neighborhood is the car-free environmental neighborhood: ‘ECO-neighborhood’. This entirely new neighborhood has been built on the former GWL site. GWL stands for Gemeentewaterleidingbedrijf (Municipal Water Supply Company), the company that started here in the mid-nineteenth century when fresh water was pumped to the city by pipe from the dunes at the North Sea. There were here apart from huge water reservoirs also machine rooms. During construction of the Eco-neighborhood some of the buildings from the time that GWL was active here have been preserved. In the mechanical pump building, a pumping station from 1900, there is now a huge restaurant with room for 270 guests. The menu is not extensive but changes frequently and offers variety for reasonable prices. The restaurant is also especially suitable for taking your children along. The white water tower opposite the pumping station is also evocative of the GWL time.

Staatsliedenbuurt can be best reached by tram, line 10. The terminus is in the heart of the neighborhood at Van Limburg Stirumplein. From there the tram follows a circuit around the old center, along Rozengracht, Leidseplein and Weteringcircuit from where trams cross the old center to Central Station.

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