Why present your property via CityMundo?

CityMundo is a small private rental agency with twenty years’ experience of the Amsterdam market. Our reservations system is automated, but the approach we adopt is personal.


We know the “in’s and out’s” in Amsterdam and are always near at hand to advise and support you.

We maintain a favourable fee for hosts; moreover, the longer the reservation, the lower the fee.

There are many more reasons for engaging CityMundo, for example:
– the agenda that you may link to other agendas,
– set your own prices
– high- and low season prices,
– you own clearly presented home page that we provide on which you can track reservations and adjust settings.

We only offer accommodation when we are certain that the information on the site is correct. What we offer is from private residents and not from people who remove residential accommodation from normal use. We stand in this sense for responsible use of urban accommodation and not for its waste.

We are very well informed of the municipal regulations applying to property and able to advise you accordingly.
During the twenty years that we have been providing accommodation, never, not once, has a CityMundo accommodation been subjected to an eviction order or judged to be an illegal hotel!

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