How do I pay for my reservation?

Payment is always made in two instalments:
The down payment is made by credit card, bank or PayPal online when the reservation is made;
The remainder is paid upon arrival in cash and local currency at the accommodation reserved. It is not possible to pay this amount with a credit card. If you want to pay the remainder in advance, contact CityMundo.

When do I pay for my reservation?

You make a deposit when you make the reservation, and the rest you pay at the beginning of your stay upon arrival.

What do I pay for my reservation?

The total amount consists of three parts:

a – night price x the number of nights
b – service charge of 11-15%
c – € 24 reservation costs

The price per night will depend on:

a– the number of persons:
The price for two persons is the same as for one.
For three persons the price per night will be higher but you will pay less per person than would be the case for two.
For four persons the price per night will be even higher but you will pay less per person than you would have done with three.

b– the location of the accommodation and the level of comfort.

c– the length of the period reserved: 
For longer reservations the price will be lower.

What are service charges?

The service charge covers the costs of maintaining the site and the service we provide.

The costs are lower when your reservation is longer.
The service charge is based on the night rate, and vary between 11-15% of the overnight price, depending on the duration of the reservation.
The service charge include VAT and exchange rates. The service charge will be added to the overnight price.

What are reservation costs?

The reservation costs are € 24.00 per reservation.
These are the costs which are charged for payment processing and administration.
The reservation costs are charged once per reservation.

Do I pay separately for cleaning and tourist tax?

These costs are included in the total and will not be charged separately.

Are there any costs coming on top of the total price of my reservation?

No, there are no costs coming on top of the total amount. It includes taxes such as VAT and tourist taxes, and includes energy (electricity and gas) and cleaning fee.
Also sheets and towels are included in the price.

What are the payment options?

The payment options for payment are Visa, Mastercard and Amex, Paypal, and bank.
The payment options per bank that our platform provides will depend on the country in which you live. From Germany for example you may choose  Sofortüberweisung, and from the Netherlands Ideal.

The payment due upon arrival is always made in cash. Sometimes you can transfer it beforehand to the host by bank.
If you would like to do that, contact first CityMundo to see if it is possible in your case.

How much time do I have to pay for my reservation?

You have 36 hours to pay your reservation. If you don’t pay and fail to respond to the reminder by e-mail the reservation will lapse.

How can I pay if I have no credit card?

You can pay the down payment with Paypal or by bank transfer.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

In some accommodations you pay a deposit, Which can vary from € 100 to € 300. Deposit is not included in the total amount of your reservation. If a security deposit is applied you will find information about it on your reservation confirmation. The deposit must be made on arrival and has to be paid to the host, along with the remaining amount. On the day of departure you will receive your deposit back if nothing exceptional occurred.

Is it safe to pay on the CityMundo website?

Yes it is. The banks and the credit card companies have, in order to make this possible, developed a special, secure internet domain. You will recognize this domain by the safety lock at the bottom right hand side of your screen and because of the internet address. You will see on the address bar ‘https’ instead of ‘http’. When you see ‘https’ and a lock, you can be sure that the internet page is secured. Only you and the bank can see your personal details.

What do I pay for an accompanying child?

Children younger than 3 years: no charge.
Children of 3 and 4 years old: € 20 per night, when accompanied by only one adult: the first child is free.

For children older than 4 years there is no reduction.